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PreOwned Telephone Systems – VOIP

We receive used systems as trade-ins on new phone systems, and voice over IP or VoIP telephone equipment manufacturers sell us over-stocked inventory of systems often at the end of a quarter or fiscal year. WE PASS ALONG THE SAVINGS TO YOU! However we have a limited inventory. We sell out quickly. We know these IP phone systems and they are perfect for a new business. ALL come with a minimum 1 year limited parts and labor warranty! Longer warranties are available.

These telephone systems are used but offer features every business needs:

  • Intercom between phones. All phones can easily call each other over the intercom and share phone lines.
  • Accommodate 4 to 8 phone lines minimum. Often expand- able to accommodate more phone lines as your business grows.
  • Handle 8 to 16 system telephones minimum and are often expandable to more system telephones as your business grows.
  • Most come with the ability to display carrier provided Caller-ID.
  • Most are Voice Mail compatible.
  • The phone system can accommodate a message on hold system.
  • Minimum 1 year limited parts and labor warranty.
  • We train your staff on how to use the phone system and you get 1 month of free training after installation.
  • YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT OUT OF YOUR PHONE SYSTEM OR WE DO NOT LEAVE OR YOU DO NOT PAY! We work with you to be clear about exactly what you want – How many telephones? How many phone lines? Where do you want incoming calls to ring, etc? We install and program the phone system to do what you want, and train you and your staff. We make sure you are happy and then you sign-off.
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