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Houston Structured Cabling - New Installation & Repair Service

Houston Structured Cabling – New Installation & Repair Service

Design, Installation, Testing and Certification

Bad cabling creates slower speeds, unhappy users, and phantom problems.

Moving into a new office? Building a new building? Redesigning your existing office? These are the 3 most common projects we service. PLEASE – Design and install the data cabling, voice cabling and fiber optic cabling properly! Correctly structured cabling is a small investment that pays off over the lifetime in your new suite or office.

Your network cabling is the highway that all of your business critical information runs on 24/7/365. New installation removes potholes and speed bumps and holes on your cabling highway so your speedy computers, internet connection, network switches and routers work properly.

Experienced network technicians know cat 5 and cat 6 bad cabling is a disaster causing unhappy users, phantom problems, slower speeds, requiring repair service for the life of their time on bad cabling. Make sure your network closet design and the cabling highway your computer network runs on is perfect! It is a small investment that lasts the length of your time on that cabling.

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