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Houston Fiber Optic Cable Installation – Structured Cabling

One of the most overlooked processes in establishing an office infrastructure is data cabling. Poorly executed cabling is the cause of numerous network issues including slow performance and disconnections. Cables are the veins of your network. Telemart uses structured cabling to make sure your cables are organized and installed properly. The small amount of extra time required for proper network cabling and network closet design is well worth avoiding problems in years to come.

Telemart is a fully licensed fiber optic cabling company. We build your fiber optic lines to cat5 and cat6 standards. We do not cut corners or leave massive bundles of unlabeled cables running through your walls. Our intelligent design methodology delivers a reliable and structured system that facilitates troubleshooting and replacement.

Telemart has been in the cabling business since 1996 and has installed tens of thousands of jacks. Your company will be dealing with an industry stalwart who knows exactly how to wire offices of any size. Our manufacturer-trained technicians equip your office with an organized and high-speed network. We are so confident in our work that we offer a 20-year parts and labor warranty on all of our cables.

Paying for budget cable installations can be a huge mistake. The network is the lifeline of your phone system, Internet and internal network. Without a well-structured cable installation, you will encounter lots of IT headaches. Find out how Telemart can help you get started today.

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