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Houston Structured Cabling - New Installation & Repair Service

Houston Structured Cabling – New Network Installation & Repair

Business network equipment costs a lot! $100,000+ for all servers and routers and network switches and computers on every desk and internet connections, etc… Poorly installed network structured cabling makes that investment work badly forever! We often see a beautiful new office or a fantastic new building for a business and the electricians have put in the network cabling and there are problems everywhere! Please do not fall into that trap.

We have competitive rates and we will make sure your infrastructure is perfect! Maximize performance and minimize problems and downtime. Save money and increase productivity with expert network cabling design and installation.

Our #1 Difference and Why You Should Work With Telmart

We Communicate Well With You and Everyone Involved With The Project!

We excel at projects because of our communications skills. We work well with our clients and computer network engineers to create a comprehensive scope of work. What do you want and where do you want it? Network connections: computers, printers, plotters, wireless access points, security cameras, building access equipment, carrier dmarcs, building access systems, tie cables to other suites, voice cabling, data cabling, fiber optic cabling runs? We work with you to determine what goes where?

Then we create an email group for communications with all parties involved – customer, network technician, carrier, office furniture person, general contractor for the building or remodel. We title every email with the person’s name, company (customer/carrier/network tech/Telmart/etc..) and contact phone number, so everyone can easily reach anyone else. We make sure everyone knows of all critical due dates and who is doing what and when. This is very important! Now we can all deal with changes – which arise on every project – and hit due dates with the least amount of chaos.
We do all this to help us manage our workflow and it helps you manage this portion of the move. It minimizes chaos and is absolutely critical to successful project management.

Investment in proper network closet design and cat5, cat6 network cabling pays off tremendously over time! Design it right and have experienced and trained installers do the work from a company that has been in business for years and gives a limited lifetime warranty. We say “limited” because we do not cover damage by fire or water, accidents or abuse or “acts of God” as determined by Telmart. However, if something does happen, we are here for you and we will fix your problems quickly.

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